We’re delighted to currently be providing funding to the Marine Megafauna Foundation to facilitate an innovative conservation project based in Mozambique, which is using VR technology to engage stakeholders and local communities with the Ocean.

Using 360-degree cameras, the team have been creating breath-taking videos in biodiverse locations such as the Bazaruto Archipelago. Featuring reefs, sharks, rays and whales, the footage aims to make the beauty of Mozambique’s Ocean ecosystems and animals accessible to stakeholders, communities and educators around the world, providing an immersive, underwater experience.

The VR-films feature local community leaders, scientists and conservationists to allow for authentic storylines, supported by narration and music. It is hoped that they will inspire viewers to develop empathy for marine life and recognise the value of marine ecosystems, by experiencing them with their very own eyes.

In Mozambique, the films will be shown to key stakeholders (school children, community leaders, park rangers, coast guards) - and in communities where MMF is already engaging stakeholders in Ocean education programmes, they will be used to further enhance learning experiences. Combining traditional learning approaches with this new form of experiential learning aims to increase the ability of educators to nurture knowledge and empathy among learners – thus aligning with the Ocean Conservation Trust’s aim to connect people with the Ocean.

To find out more about the Marine Megafauna Foundation, visit: https://marinemegafaunafoundation.org/