We are proud to be funding Seafront Environmental's community engagement programme, which is designed to connect local communities on Ghana's Cape Coast with the Ocean using innovative VR technology.

Beautiful VR films, created from footage taken within the area’s vitally important Fosu Lagoon, are being used to tell compelling stories about the poor environmental activities that are currently taking place locally, compromising the quality of the marine environment and its associated ecosystems and creating the need for improved management.

As well as depicting local Ghanaian coastal and marine management issues,  the footage, which has been filmed using 360 degree technology, has been combined with film obtained from other areas that depict good management practices, and will be shown to local stakeholders, including senior high school and university students, to make a compelling case for locals to engage in and support good environmental practices.

It is hoped that the project will reshape local perceptions and foster a new understanding of the importance of the Ocean, as well as the negative impact that local practices are having on it so that these can be addressed. The ultimate aim is to empower the targeted stakeholders to develop strategies to improve management of the Ocean environment in these areas – thus aligning with the Ocean Conservation Trust’s mission to connect people with our Ocean.

To find out more about this project, visit: https://www.seafrontenvironmental.com/